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Regulation (EC) No 761/2001

Every organization with a level of environmental yield corresponding at least to the applicable legal standards are possible to take part in the EMAS scheme of the Regulation (EC) No 761/2001, to attain the enrolment in the European register of the sites and the utilization of the European environmental LOGO.

The 1999 has seen a remarkable progression in the registrations, particularly in Germany.
Target of the EMAS is stimulate the constant improvement of the environmental efficiency of the industries by the adoption on behalf of the companies of:
- advanced instruments of environmental management;
- periodic and systematic evaluation of the environmental yield;
- objective and verified information of the public on strategy, programmes, established systems and results reached.

To take part in the EMAS the company must get ready to make front to a series of following fulfilments.
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Environmental Management Systems

Companies, in every industrialized country, are adopting the Environmental Management Systems to manage with greater efficiency and systematic approach problems and pportunities in environmental field.
The integration of the Environmental Management in the total management of the company is a fundamental point, because the environment is one of the prominent aspects that hit on companies.
The Environmental Management System has a central role in theirs organization, not only as managerial instrument of environmental and safety complexity inside and outside to the activity of the company, but also as way to change the environmental constraints in business opportunity, to reduce the costs and to save resources, and to face on the markets with systematic nature the competition.
More factors drive companies in the direction of the Environmental Management Systems:
- the costs and the environmental responsibilities;
- the competition;
- the evaluation of the environmental engagement on behalf of shareholders;
- the national and community regulations.
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ISO 14001

Italian Environmental Legislation

The ISO standards of 14000 series are the specifications for the Environmental Management, recognized to international level, developed by ISO committee (International Organization for Standardisation).

They are the benchmark of environmental quality to manage the business in the global market to support to the companies.

The ISO 14001 is the heart of the 14000 series standards. It lists the specifications, and on the basis of these a company will be valued for the environmental registration.

MGN & P Systems is able to offer you the necessary supports to develop the Environmental Management Systems.
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The legal aspect for a company has a prominent weight, and not always it is easy to keep up with the variety and the multitude of law in environmental theme, of hygiene, safety on work etc. that are succeeding.

The community regulations, besides, always more present on this themes, constitutes a fundamental aspect to which anyone will be possible to get out.

In our database of the Italian and Community Legislation you can find the environmental and safety legislation divided in categories.

Environmental legislation The Environmental Legislation Database is available for all our member in the UserArea.
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Climate change, Sustainable Development, Kyoto Protocol....




Quality Management Systems:  
ISO 9001  

Standard ISO 9001 proposes a system of management for the quality, thought in order to hold under control the business processes addressing them to the customer's satisfaction.
Such norm represents the model of reference for the qualification and selection of the suppliers and in contracts between suppliers and customers.

Safety Management Systems:
OHSAS 18001

Standard OHSAS 18001 checks the organization's voluntary application of a management system that allows to guarantee adequate control about the Safety and the Health of workers, beyond to the respect of laws.
Acronym OHSAS means Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series.
It is intended to help an organizations to control occupational health and safety risks.
It was devloped in response to widespread demand for a recognized standard against which to be certified and assessed.

Enviromental Guide

The Environmenta Guide there're information about:

  • Climate Change and Greenhouse Effetc
  • Conference of Rio
  • Kyoto Protocol



Information Security Management System

The information, like others important business assets,
is an asset that has a value for the organization: consequently informations need to be protected.
ISO 27001:2005 is the international standard for information security and ISO 17799 is the guide lines about "Information Security Management Sistem".
Targets of the standard are the protection of data and informations, the assessment and the management of risks, the control of objectives and normative requirement etc.

IT Service Management

Today the Information Technology services are not consider, in the modern organizations, like an accessory element of the business activity.
IT services are an active factor in the business of the organization.
The efficiency of the management of IT services is therefore becoming a more and more determining factor and standard ISO 20000, being based on the methodology supplied from ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), represents the international outline of reference.

Quality and reliability of internet web sites

Qweb is the IQNet system for the certification of
e-commerce and e-business activities worldwide.
It's an international scheme to satisfy the needs and the requirements of operations in the net economy and to grant customers the assurance of a compliant high quality on-line service.
Qweb certifies world-wide the quality of web sites.

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